The Fair Pint Campaign

Join us in our fight for fairness.

The Fair Pint Campaign is fighting to help pub tenants get a fair deal.

Did you know: 52 British pubs are being forced to close every week?

About half the pubs in the UK are tied. Tied publicans are obliged to buy beer and other products from the companies who own their pubs. Over recent years pub owning companies have used the tie to increase the price of beer to tied tenants.

These increases in addition to high levels of rent have made it difficult for tied publicans to make a living and caused thousands of pub businesses to fail.

Fair Pint is the voice of tied tenants calling for an end to the exploitation of publicans through the tie. We are working to protect the UK pub industry and to ensure a fair deal for both tenants and consumers

The Fair Pint Campaign is the fastest growing UK Campaign of its kind. We currently have over 1000 members; tied Lessees and consumers, standing together in our call for a fair pint.

Take part in one of the UK’s fastest growing campaigns, join our call for a fair deal for pubs and do your bit to help get a Fair Pint in your local pub.

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