The Fair Pint Campaign

About the 'Fair Pint?' Campaign

The Fair Pint? Campaign is a coalition of independent, tied landlords, supported by the Freedom for Pubs Association. Together, we aim to remove the tie from all leased pubs - simply enabling landlords to compete in a fair market.

We hope that breaking the tie will benefit the well-run independent pubs which are currently at risk of closure, bringing a fairer price for both landlords and customers, and protecting a valuable community asset.
To achieve this, we are calling for:

  • The Business Innovation and Skills Select Committee to reopen their inquiry into pub companies as soon as the deadline of June next year, which was  set by the previous committee as a date by which the industry should have introduced voluntary measures to ensure that the relationship between tied tenants and the companies who own their pubs is a fair one and there is an equitable share of pub profits.

  • The Department for Business Innovation and Skills  (BIS) to refer the tenanted pub sector to the Competition Commission and to  take legislative action to force pub companies to free up the pub market by allowing pub tenants to choose to buy beer from any supplier.

You can find details of how to get in touch with the Fair Pint Campaign on our contact us page.

Policy Briefing
Alternatively download it here as a PDF file.
"But Won't My Rent Double?"
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