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News: Vince Cable MP calls time on pub chains

3rd August 2008

Richmond and Twickenham Times

Twickenham’s MP is backing a parliamentary campaign to give Richmond’s pubs more protection from breweries and chains. Dr Vincent Cable has responded to a call from John Veitch, of the Duke’s Head in Hampton, to lend his support to the campaign which is designed to protect pubs across the country.

Many watering holes are being affected by rising costs, mainly fuel costs, and those that are tied to the pub chains, or pubcos, have the additional problem that they are not allowed to shop around for cheap supplies.

Mr Veitch is part of the Fair Pint Campaign which aims to remove the tie from all leased pubs, enabling landlords to compete in a fair market. Campaign leaders believe it will benefit well-run independent pubs which are currently at risk of closure, bringing a fairer price for both landlords and customers.

Dr Cable said:

"The system of tied pubs goes completely against the idea of competitive markets. It is especially damaging at a time like this when pubs are under pressure because of a slow down in the economy combined with rising costs. I support the Fair Pint Campaign which is pushing for legislation for leased pubs to be released from their tie."


1. The Fair Pint campaign is a coalition of independent, tied landlords and industry experts that are seeking to highlight the plight of UK landlords and consumers who suffer as a result of ‘tied lease agreements’ to pub companies (pubcos). The campaign was launched in the Houses of Parliament in May.

2. The Business and Enterprise Select Committee have announced that they are going to investigate the activities of Pubcos. Details of their inquiry can be found on the Committee's webpage.

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