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News: Fair Pint members join first licensee protest since 1908

27 January 2009

More than 100 licensees and customers, including Fair Pint members from across the country, have joined a protest at the headquarters of Enterprise Inns and Punch Taverns.

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The protest - the first by licensees in more than a century - brought together several tenant groups calling for reform of the pubco tie. With an average of five pubs closing every week, protesters contrasted the high rents and 'monopoly' supply arrangements imposedb by the tie, with the hefty pay package offered to Punch Chief Executive Giles Thorley - a package rejected by more than 1/3rd of shareholders at this month's annual meeting.

Watch a video of Fair Pint's Steve Corbett at the Enterprise Inn protest:

See more photos from the protest on the Morning Advertiser website:

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