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News: Fair Pint: British Beer and Pub Association’s Charade has been exposed

12 March 2009

Commenting on the recent changes to the senior management at the BBPA and reports about the association’s future plans, the Fair Pint Campaign has said that the body will continue to find it difficult to act as voice for the pub sector unless it is willing to address the damage being caused to the sector by the business models of its ‘pubco’ members.

Steve Corbett, a member of the Fair Pint Steering Group said:

“The BBPA are in disarray because the charade that they are speaking on behalf of the whole beer and pub sector has been exposed. 
“The BBPA are the representatives of the brewers and the big property companies who own tied pubs, they don’t represent those who actually run pubs.  

The fact that they have been unwilling to admit that the way that the ‘pubcos’ are running their business is the major cause of the problems facing the industry totally undermines their claim to be a voice for the whole industry.

“Fair Pint is the only body which is standing up for individual tenants. Whist the BBPA is trying to use the levels of beer duty as smokescreen to divert attention away from the damage that the tie is causing to the pub sector, Fair Pint has been an effective voice in informing Ministers and other parliamentarians about the effect of the tie and how its removal will be the only way of saving British pubs.”


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