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News: Fair Pint Campaign Welcomes John Grogan’s Admission that the Tie needs to be investigated.

14th April 2009

The Fair Pint Campaign has welcomed John Grogan’s admission that the tie is a legitimate target for investigation.

Mr Grogan has written to CAMRA, suggesting that it should use its position as a Super Complainant  under the Enterprise Act 2002, to refer the issue to the Office for Fair Trading if the Business and Enterprise Select Committee suggests an that there is a need for an OFT investigation into the tie.

Steve Corbett a tied landlord and member of the Fair Pint Campaign said:

“Whilst Fair Pint believes that it would have been wiser for Mr. Grogan to wait until the publication of the Select Committee Report rather than speculating about its possible conclusions, we welcome the fact that he has now admitted that the effect of the tie on the viability of the pub sector and its impact on consumers is something which merits investigation.      

“For too long the All Party Beer Group seems to have shied away from offending its pubco sponsors by not promoting discussion about the effect of the tie on the sector.  We welcome The fact that Mr. Grogan seems to have changed tack and now believes that there is a need for it to be investigated.  

“Fair Pint believes that the damage both to the industry and consumers which is being caused by the tie is clear to everyone in the sector.  The only way that this issue is going to be effectively addressed and the future of pubs secured is by through legislation to end the tie. "


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