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News: Fair Pint: Tuppen’s Cynicism Knows No Bounds

4th June 2009

The Fair Pint Campaign have branded Ted Tuppen, Chief Executive of Enterprise Inns, plan to establish a body paid for by company to represent the interests of tenants as an example of the 'pubcos' unbelievable cynicism.

Steve Corbett a tied licensee and a member of Fair Pint said:

"Tuppen’s plan to counter the effectiveness of Fair Pint, by trying to establish an organisation paid for, and therefore controlled, by his company is breathtaking in its cynicism.

"All his comments have done is to underlined the effectiveness of Fair Pint in forcing the damage which is being done by the tie to the forefront of the debate on the future of pubs in the UK and to expose the truth behind the ‘pubcos’’ claims that they are willing to listen and change in response to the Business and Enterprise Select Committee Report.

"In response to a report which has exposed the exploitative nature of their relationship with their tenants, Enterprise has announced a plan to use their largess to buy a pliant group to purport to represent the interest of their tenants.  Nothing could illustrate clearer the fact that Enterprise has no interest in changing the way that it runs its business.

"For years Mr Tuppen has claimed that the BBPA has represented the interests of the whole sector now he admits that Fair Pint is the only group representing the interests of tenants where previously there was a void.

"We are certain the nature of Enterprise’s response will have been noted by those in Whitehall who will be responsible for developing the Government’s response to the Select Committee inquiry."


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