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News: Fair Pint: Tenants need an Independent Champion

28th July 2009

The Fair Pint Campaign have said that the current debate about the future of the tenanted pub sector and the growth in the number of tenants joining the campaign over recent months has underlined the need for an independent representative body to stand up for the interests of pub tenants.

Steve Corbett a tied tenant and a founder member of the Fair Pint campaign said:

“The lack of a powerful representative voice to represent the interests of tenants is something which is recognized across the sector and has been seen as one of the reasons why the problems currently facing the sector where allowed to  grow unchecked.

“The growth of the Fair Pint Campaign, from launch to now representing nearly a thousand tenants in little over a year, shows there is a demand for an independent champion who is able to act as a voice for tenants.

“The appointment of Martin Caffrey, a former Employee of Enterprise, as the Chief Executive of the FLVA and the recent suggestion from Ted Tuppen that he might fund an independent  tenants support group underlines a fundamental problem within the industry. The financial power of the brewers and the ‘pubcos’ means that most of the representative bodies in the sector are compromised though links with brewers or ‘pubcos’.”
“Fair Pint believes that there is a need for a body which can act solely in the interests of tenants.  The shape of such a body is something which will be discussed during discussions on the next steps for the Fair Pint campaign over the coming months.”  


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