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News: Fair Pint: Weak BBPA Code Is Nothing but Window Dressing

19th January 2010

Commenting on the publication of the BBPA’s framework code of practice which has been published today Steve Corbett from the Fair Pint Campaign said:   

“The new code of practice is simply an attempt appear to be responding to concerns about the business practices of its members, whist ensuring that nothing changes in the sector.   There is nothing in this code which will improve the position of suffering publicans through changes to the imbalance of risk and reward between tied publicans and their landlords which was correctly identified by the Business and Enterprise Select Committee as major cause of the problems faced by the sector. 

“The BBPA have offered nothing but a codification of things which it should be expected that good companies would have done anyway. 

“Pub companies have a record of ignoring their existing codes of practice and the lack of real sanctions for this code means that they will be free to ignore this one as well.  The weakness of the code is shows that the BBPA believes that despite the criticism of their members, it is business as usual and their only interest is the financial health of their big pubco members.

“It is clear that tenanted pub sector is incapable of bringing its own house into order.  This response by the BBPA means that action by ministers to refer the Sector to the Competition Commission is more urgent than ever.”  


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